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Scicommunity Partners

meet our partner organizations! The scicommunity has partnered with other organizations and groups within the Greater scientific community in order to further our goal of showing that science is for everyone.


The Cosplay for science InItiative

Cosplay for Science was co-founded by Scicommunity members Gabriel Santos, Brittney Stoneburg, and Michelle Barboza-Ramirez as an scicomm initiative to use pop culture and cosplay to make science more relatable and scientists more approachable.
Instagram: @cosplayforscience
Twitter: @cosplay4science



PhDepression was created by Scicommunity member, Susanna Harris, to discuss the issues of mental health in academia and also highlight the stories of scientists and students who have struggled with their mental health.
Instagram: @ph_d_epression

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Experience Daliona

Experience Daliona was founded by Scicommunity member Alex Martin to increase public engagement with science in Savannah, Georgia. With four planned phases culminating in a large-scale campus, Experience Daliona is currently bringing Sidewalk Science Centers to cities around the country.

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The Biota Project

The Biota Project is a nonpartisan educational community empowerment organization that bridges connections between science and research with community leaders and grassroots activists to promote mutual understanding, collaboration, and social change.

Through the following areas of focus, we empower communities to ensure that research and education are accessible and equitable:

⬛ Research Development
⬛ Original Content Creation
⬛ Communication Strategies
⬛ Community Outreach

Instagram: @thebiotaproject


The Social Scientist

Talk to Science Professionals 

who want to help!

  1. Take a look at our awesome science professionals on our Meet the Scientists page.

  2. When you have found someone you are interested in contacting, send them a message on their Bio Page.

  3. You will be contacted to set up a time for your informal talk.

  4. Ask the questions that will be beneficial for your interests, including:

    • Their position

    • Route they took to their position

    • Their general field

    • Atmosphere

    • Surrounding area

    • Any specific questions and advice

      We are here to help you navigate the scientific community, supporting everyone from high school students to associate professors. Regardless of where you are in your scientific career, we strive to provide an engaging community from our amazing group of volunteers.

Do you have an organization or group that would like to partner with the Scicommunity? Contact us.